Against which team did Late. Shri Ajit Wadekar made his Test Debut?

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B.  West Indies
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Will India, win the Asia Cup to be held in Dubai?

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Proposed Corrected Constitution of Mumbai Cricket Association
Monday, September 03 2018
MCA News
Proposed Corrected Constitution of Mumbai Cricket Association
Minutes of the Meeting of Managing Committee members (approved by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court vide its order dt. 6/4/2018) and Committee of Administrators held on Monday, 3rd September 2018 at 4.00 pm in the office of the Association.
Subject: Finalisation of MCA Constitution on similar lines as that of BCCI
1) The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India finalised the Constitution of BCCI by its judgment dt. 9/8/2018 and in para 40 of its judgment directed the Registrar of Societies of Tamil Nadu to register the Constitution of BCCI and report compliance to the Secretary General of the Supreme Court within 4 weeks.
2) As far as the Constitution of member Associations are concerned, the Supreme Court directed in para 40 (2) as follows:
“Upon the registration of the said Constitution of BCCI, each of the members shall undertake registration of their respective Constitutions on similar lines within a period of 30 days thereafter. A compliance certificate must be furnished to the CoA, which shall file a status report before this Court with reference to the compliance undertaken by the State Associations;”
3) As far as MCA is concerned, the Constitution of MCA was drafted as per the Lodha Committee recommendations and the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 9/8/2018 and it was put up on the website on 14/8/2018. Thereafter, suggestions have been received from Senior Representatives of member clubs. They have been considered and the Constitution of MCA has been corrected incorporating most of those suggestions.
4) The Committee members have noted that Hon’ble Supreme Court has finalised Constitution of BCCI and directed registration of constitution of member associations within a period of 30 days. BCCI has registered its constitution on 21/8/2018 and therefore MCA has to register its constitution by 20/9/2018. In para 39 of the above judgment, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has stated as follows:
“We are emphatically of the view that once the draft constitution has been approved by this Court, any amendment should not be given effect to without the leave of this Court.”
5) The Committee members are of the view that having given thought to the suggestions of the members which are already received, once more members be called upon to give suggestions, if any, to the corrected draft of the constitution on or before Friday, 7th September 2018. The suggestions ought to be in consonance with Lodha Committee recommendations and judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 9/8/2018 in Civil Appeal no. 4235 of 2014 BCCI v Cricket Association of Bihar and Ors. The said suggestions, if any, will be considered, if in consonance, and further steps will be taken for Registration.
As per the above decision of the meeting of the members of the Managing Committee (approved by the Hon’ble Bombay High Court vide its order dt. 6/4/2018) and Committee of Administrators, the proposed corrected constitution of MCA and the list of corrections made to the draft constitution dt. 14/8/18 is put up on the website.
Click here to view/download Proposed Corrected Constitution of the Association. (updated on 3rd September 2018)
Click here to view/download List of Corrections made to the Proposed Constitution of the Association dated 14th August 2018. (updated on 3rd September 2018)
Prof. Dr. Unmesh Khanvilkar
Jt. Hon. Secretary
C.S. Naik
Chief Executive Officer
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