How many wickets did Padmakar Shivalkar took in Ranji Trophy season 1972-1973?

A.  28
B.  33
C.  49
D.  55

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Will India, win the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 to be held in England?

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Unauthorised Women Cricket League
Thursday, March 09 2017
MCA News
A media release has appeared regarding proposed Women Cricket League in India.
Kindly note that BCCI has NOT APPROVED any such tournament and women players registered for BCCI Tournaments from their respective state association are NOT ALLOWED to participate in the above mentioned tournament, which please be noted.
Click here to view the press release of the Women Cricket League as appeared in Media.
Dr. P.V.Shetty | Prof. Dr. Unmesh Khanvilkar
Jt. Hon. Secretaries
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