How many runs did Rohit Sharma scored in Ranji Trophy Matches for the season 2010-2011?

A.  482
B.  590
C.  642
D.  732

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Will India, win the One Day Internationals series against South Africa to be held in South Africa?

Managing Committee
Name Mr. Arman Mallick
Date of Birth 21.08.1966
Name Mr. Navin Shetty
Date of Birth 13.09.1964
Name Mr. Arvind Kadam
Date of Birth 29.11.1961
Name Mr. Deepak Patil
Date of Birth 22.04.1963
Name Mr. Pravin Amre
Date of Birth 14.08.1968
Name Mr. Shrikant Tigdi
Date of Birth 26.04.1946
Name Shahalam Shaikh
Date of Birth 14.07.1974
Name Mr. Ramesh Vajge
Date of Birth 01.01.1962
Name Ganesh Iyer
Date of Birth 20.02.1957